(AVS) Azure VMWare Solution Migration

3Cloud, LLC

Migrate to VMware vSphere private clouds built on Azure

VMware’s virtual compute, networking, and storage capabilities have provided familiar reliability, but the need for modern cloud services has grown. Modern organizations require greater elasticity, faster provisioning, flexible consumption models, broader scale, expanding geographic reach, and the lower TCO that comes when leveraging native cloud services for AI, analytics, and security. Bring the benefits of these worlds together by deploying your workloads into Azure leveraging 3Cloud and Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

Key Benefits: -Accelerated time to value leveraging existing VMware investments, skills, and tools, including VMware vSphere, vSAN, and vCenter. -Lower costs for Windows and SQL Server, and free extended security updates for older Windows and SQL Server versions. -Migration speed that turns weeks into days when migrating VMware resources into Azure. -Scale, automation, and fast provisioning for VMware workloads on Azure’s global infrastructure. -Lowest possible downtime when migrating resources from current VMware environments to Azure. -Lower TCO compared to on-premise datacenters, with a higher consolidation ratio running vSphere in the cloud. -A single pane of glass to manage vSphere-based and Azure native VMs. -A seamless VMware migration to Azure with 3Cloud, a multiple Microsoft ‘Partner of the Year’ award winner

Popular Use Cases: -Cloud Migration (Rapidly mitigate unforeseen datacenter exits. Transition CapEx to OpEx. Adhere to corporate mandates on cloud migration. Increase uptime of core business functions.) -Datacenter Extension (On-demand capacity for planned or unplanned spikes. Provision/de-provision non-production environments. Provision/de-provision environments for specific projects. Get extended support for legacy Microsoft environments.) -Virtual Desktops in the Cloud (Quickly grow or shrink remote desktop populations. Shorten desktop and cloud applications physical proximity.) -Disaster Recovery (Add sites for both virtual desktop and server environments.)