Cloud Governance Workshop for Azure - 5 day Workshop

Advania Finland Oy

Do you want to stay in control of your cloud environment?

We can help you to create common rules for your cloud environment with our Our Cloud Governance Workshop.

Cloud Governance Workshop helps to define the common set of rules, responsibilities and processes that ensure that the cloud environment is managed and developed in a secure and organized manner. Common set of rules for internal and external parties enables you to control that your cloud environment stays compliant and secure. Common rules ensure that operations are person-independent We help you to define the Governance rulebook for your environment via our Cloud Governance Workshop.

The workshop is carried out during four workshop sessions taking place over a duration of 3 weeks.

During the workshop we will walk you through :

  • Azure AD

  • Resource Management

  • Naming Convention

  • Hierarchy structure

  • Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Monitoring

  • Logging

  • Network

  • Security & Update Management

What you will get as deliverables :

  1. Cloud Governance Model documentation
  2. High Level plan and work estimate for creating Azure Landing Zone
  3. Detailed action plan how the environment will be set up and by whom