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Adaptiv fast-tracks your Azure transition, providing a secure landing zone. With robust guidance and tailored integrations, we ensure cost-saving, efficient migration, and ongoing support.

What is this offer about? Adaptiv's Azure Integration Services Landing Zone, built on our 15 years of experience, ensures your secure and efficient transition to the Azure platform. The stakes are high; incorrect establishment of landing zones can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and security vulnerabilities.

Through our personalised guidance based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and proven expertise we fast track the setup of Azure API Management, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus and Azure Data Factory. Your success on Azure starts here.

Ideal customer profile

Challenge 1: Struggling with complex integration challenges and struggling in migration to Azure. “They were knowledgeable and super easy to work with. We appreciated Nikolai’s experience with newer software vendors as well. And he gave us really honest feedback about what we were trying to do, and what would work, or not.” – Micky Heath, VuW Project Manager

Challenge 2: End of life integration platform that is costly to maintain and resources are difficult to find. “I think Adaptiv comes with a unique proposition, and that’s its focus on integration and data. They’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Compared to some of the other partners out there, Adaptiv’s capabilities and skill sets are outstanding.” – Glenn Penfold, Director for architecture and digital platforms, Waikato University

Challenge 3: Concerns about cost-efficiency and security in the transition to Azure. “I was also delighted when Adaptiv suggested ways we could optimise our monthly Azure consumption costs. They weren’t contracted to do that – they were just trying to do the right thing for us. I think that shows the culture and the value that Adaptiv bring to the table beyond a transactional engagement.” – Glenn Penfold, Director for Architecture and Digital Platforms, Waikato University

Four-Step Engagement Model: As part of this packaged offering, we provide more than just guidance. You'll receive Azure Integration Services infrastructure specification, your Azure Integration Services landing zones and proof of value integrations, all tailored to your specific needs. From strategy to innovation, from migration to ongoing support, our model covers every facet of your cloud journey, allowing you to reap the benefits of Azure with confidence and efficiency.

  1. Strategy & Planning: Align with Your Goals: From financial considerations to technical alignment, we craft an Azure strategy tailored to your needs.
  2. Ready & Migrate: Prepare and Move: We ensure your team is ready and guide your migration to Azure with best practices.
  3. Innovate & Secure: Drive Innovation & Protect Assets: Build and innovate on Azure while keeping your data secure.
  4. Manage & Govern: Ongoing Support & Improvement: From managing your Azure resources to improving governance, we offer continuous support and optimisation.

We offer a turnkey solution that embraces all aspects of setting a secure Azure cloud capability across people, processes and technology.

COST: Est. $20,000 (Potential partial Funding through Microsoft ECIF)

BENEFITS: Money Savings: Optimize costs with our tailored Azure solutions. Rapid and secure time to market with trusted integrators. Time Savings: Our agile approach gets you on Azure quickly. Risk Mitigation: Our expertise reduces inefficiencies and data risks. Strategic Partnership: Benefit from our deep understanding of Azure and integration. Customer-Centric Support: 24/7 support dedicated to your Azure success.

TIME TO VALUE: 2-3 weeks

CONTACT US: With over a decade of experience in delivering small-scale and large-scale integration for the enterprise, we deliver clear and measurable value to your bottom line. Learn more:

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