IoT Platform: 4-Wk Assessment

Adastra, s.r.o.

Need to reduce costs or increase sales? Secure your goods? The Internet of Things is and will continue to drive modern business, from manufacturing to logistics to retail.

Make an IoT Assessment of your company by Adastra

In this assessment we will recognize what kind of Microsoft IoT solutions can help your business. Key Azure product which will be adopted here: Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, Defender for IoT, Azure Machine Learning. Based on outputs we will also work on how to integrate IoT technology into your daily business.

Digital data from real world Cheaper transport, warehouse organization, goods protection, customer journey mapping, valuable demographic data for more effective marketing campaigns. All this is gained by integrating IoT into your business processes.

Adastra delivers IoT solutions to companies across continents and industries. We deliver a maximally comprehensive ecosystem in minimal time. From cameras and sensors to a central IoT platform and accessible user applications. In addition, each individual tool can be quickly adapted to any specific requirements.

In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we also offer customized development of unique tools and expert services across all phases and components of digitalization. We will provide you with an initial needs analysis, the selection of a suitable solution and a long-term reliable service. For each order we verify the functionality of the selected solution (Proof of Concept).