Land Survey using Azure & Telescope®: 6-week PoC

Affine Inc

Leverage Azure Services to conduct a land survey with useful insights which can help to convert the aerial dataset into CAD site plan using our AI-based Land Survey consulting offering

A large surveying project can take several months to complete as the process of gathering data and its conversion to 2D and 3D models is a very tedious process.

Our AI-based Land Survey consulting offering which is powered by Azure and Telescope – Affine’s Satellite Image Segmentation tool, provides an end-to-end solution to convert any aerial dataset into CAD site plans for AEC industry.

About Telescope®: Telescope® is a remote sensing technology home-grown at Affine and trademarked by the Indian government to find innovative solutions to complex business problems.

Through this consulting offering, customer can quickly identify and classify geographical features like trees, cars, roads, buildings, etc. without the need for conventional surveying methods. The surveying and construction professionals can conduct sophisticated analytics and make better decisions using Affine’s AI-based Land Survey Solution.

This solution leverages Azure services such as Azure ML Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Databricks, Power BI etc.

This Proof-of-Concept implementation can be expanded to your production environment.


  • 40% reduction in survey cost
  • Capture high-quality satellite images
  • Identified geographical features to provide accurate input for area assessment
  • Accelerate topography workflows/land surveys

 Agenda – 6 weeks:

  • Data Consolidation and standardization – Consolidated and standardized data from multiple heterogeneous sources including satellite images
  • Champion Model Selection – Develop and iterate multiple models to identify geographical features and select the best fit model
  • Dashboard Development – Provisioned Dashboards to enable Analytics consumption
  • Analytical Deployment – Deployed analytical services and dashboards


Solution Framework which provides high-quality satellite land images along with insights into the surveyed land which can accurately convert to 2D & 3D site plans. Affine’s Analytics approach also helps surveying and construction professionals in better decision-making processes.