Reporting and Analytics Dashboard: 6 week implementation


AI solution for educators that not only monitors student performance, progress and wellbeing, but also identifies and predicts when support, intervention and adjustment is needed to drive outcomes

Let’s face it. All schools have the opportunity to optimise learning outcomes for their students. We know, it’s easier said than done. When you don’t have a real-time picture of how your students and school is doing, you can’t improve. And even if you know everything that happens in your school, analysing a huge amount of data takes more time than you have.

The problem gets worse when instead of dealing with one school, you have many. Getting oversight on all the schools in your district is tough, especially when each school seems to be using its own processes and systems.

The Antares solutions provides a single source of truth for collaboration. It has intuitive user experience, is Secure and SS0 and Scalable cloud-enabled

Implemented through a 3 phased approached:

Define: Set objectives aligned to benchmarks to define student cohorts and create customised student programmes, and personalised learning plans.

  • Connect and integrate student, school and third-party data to set benchmarks
  • Determine school objectives aligned to benchmarks and define student cohorts, classes and courses
  • Easy to use customisable dashboards to simplify collaboration for educators and school leaders​

Analyse: Gain real-time oversight to track and monitor school, student and teacher performance, progress and engagement through intuitive dashboards.

  • Enrich educated conversations through intuitive data driven dashboards​
  • Track and optimise curriculums and the achievements of students, cohorts and schools​
  • Provide a 360 view of students, disadvantaged students, and learning objectives with national benchmarks​

Optimise: Use AI to surface intelligent insights so schools can predict when support, intervention and adjustment is required to drive more personalised student experiences that in turn improve student performance and well-being.

  • Predict student achievements and compare with national benchmarks​
  • Prevent students becoming at risk through early intervention
  • Identify and surface correlations to success factors

Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure. This will guarantee the security and governance of your data and leverage existing Microsoft investments. If managing a group of schools, it will also ensure they are all working with the same processes and systems so everything is in harmony.