HIGHLIGHTER: Application Development: 10-Wk POC

Ascent Software Ltd.

The perfect application prototype on Azure in 8-10 weeks with Ascent

Ascent’s App Dev Highlighter is designed to get you moving on Azure by breaking down the development challenge into small, digestible blocks that require minimal commitment.

Defining the right scope and complexity for your application initiatives is tough. We work with you to design, cost and deliver a short, meaningful Proof of Concept project that will enable you to roadtest technical principles in a prototype before committing to larger scale effort and budget.

All Proof of Concept projects are timeboxed to 8-10 weeks and custom-designed to explore effectiveness and value from your perspective. At the end of the Proof of Concept exercise, Microsoft will review your potential funding options and align outputs to your wider strategy.

WHAT WE DO We use impact mapping to build a clear view of the relationships between your data, stakeholders, users and business objectives. We then use this framework to create an accessible technical plan for a prototype that clearly demonstrates the route to ROI for your organisation.


  • An actionable, costed plan that lays the foundations for your development journey
  • Delivery of a prototype designed to explore considerations like scalability, security and user experience
  • Summary of business impact/ outcomes that help you define a practical route forward.

WHY ASCENT Ascent has worked with Microsoft to help some of the largest organisations in Europe differentiate through application development, solving problems, revolutionising customer experiences and enabling them to compete in new markets. We’ll work with you to accelerate your development initiatives with Azure native services.