HIGHLIGHTER: Data Strategy - 8 Week Practical Workshops for Data & Digital Transformation

Ascent Software Ltd.

Create a clear narrative around data and digital building a practical route to value delivery leveraging our Strategise Service.

To create a data strategy we use a guiding vision and supporting themes to link and priorities data initiatives against established business objectives. Business leaders are more and more aware of the potential of data, but less clear on how to realize its value. Our Strategize service helps businesses deliver their business strategy through an actionable set of data-driven activities, unique to their business. Our approach to data strategy, therefore, helps businesses create a clear narrative around their own and unique data-led transformation to engage and educate the company about the reason for change and the outcome expected.

Project Delivery - an Example 8 week engagement with Key Activities and touchpoints

• Week 1 – Kick off workshop – agree scope & business ambitions with key stakeholders. Agree interviewees & data maturity assessment respondents. • Week 2 – Analyse customer collateral, including business strategy & previous data strategy work. • Week 3 – Send out data maturity assessment and begin interviews - measuring your business maturity on four key pillars of data and artificial intelligence including strategy, culture, organizational focus and capability (expertise, process and tooling required to deliver on your goals for data and AI, including your readiness to move to Azure) • Week 4 – Continue interviews. • Week 5 – Complete interviews. Analyse data maturity assessment responses & write up. • Week 6 – Data strategy analysis & write up, including further follow ups as required . • Week 7 – Data strategy analysis & write up, including further follow ups as required. • Week 8 – Playback data strategy, findings & recommendations to key stakeholders. Discuss & agree the path forward

Our Data Strategy document will include Executive Summary, Scope and Context, Vision for Data, Workstreams, Initiatives & Foundations and The Journey (Data Maturity). A Data Strategy creates a clear narrative around your starting point (current data maturity), your destination (vision for data) and the value that can be created along the way (themes, workstreams, initiatives, foundations). It does this in a clear and transparent way, aligned to your business objectives, to engage and educate the company about the reason for change and the outcomes expected.

Optional - first steps specification. Details of recommended initial projects that should be performed to kick off the data strategy implementation, including indicative costs and timescales.

Example Inputs include but not exclusive to:

Business Strategy/Objectives Annual Reports Organisational charts Information detailing past/current/future data initiatives Current data strategy/data maturity assessments Current issues with how data is being used Data Platform architecture so we can recommend best practice leveraging Azure principles (CAF/WAF) and Azure Purview (Data Governance)