VCIO Interim CXO Custom Consultancy:1-day Workshop

Atech Support

Planning workshop of 1-3 year roadmap to ensure security best practice and budget optimisation. Interim basis 1 day/month consultancy service.

Our vCIO consultancy service offers strategic planning around your Azure implementation and budget optimisation, security and compliance management as part of creating a technology roadmap centred around Microsoft solutions for your organisation. We offer this on an interim basis, so that you can have the strategic input of a CIO on terms which suit your business. The offer is customised for each client engagement, and starts at 1 day per month, but can be scaled up on a project basis depending on your objectives, and to suit your budget. The length of the engagement is customised in line with your objectives.

Key deliverables of the Virtual CIO sessions: Phase 1: Strategy Overview Report Phase 2: Budget Plan Phase 3: Technology Roadmap

Technology Strategy Meeting Step 1: vCIO survey sent out for completion prior to initial Technology Strategy Meeting. Step 2: Initial Technology Strategy Meeting and IT survey Step 3: ITSM and IT review information used to form initial Strategy and Roadmap Step 4: Ongoing Review The strategy and roadmap will form the basis of ongoing reviews

The focus areas for the vCIO are tailored to your business' unique needs, including:

  • BDR and BC
  • Azure readiness
  • Tailored cybersecurity solutions and managed security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Licensing optimisation
  • Network optimisation and security
  • Physical environment, physical security
  • Server
  • Wireless networks
  • Workstations
  • Supplier management
  • Mobile device management
  • Telecommunications