Security on Azure: 4-Wk Assessment


Bitscape designed the Cloud Security Assessment and Migration Roadmap programs that allow organizations business transformation and sensitive data with secure and robust infrastructure assessment.


Security Assessment from Bitscape provides deep understanding of cloud and on premises security technologies and the newest Microsoft technologies. With the Security Assessment Framework by Bitscape which is designed based on the best practices as regulated in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, understand your security posture, and confidently leverage your IT Infrastructure to increase your business agility both efficiently and securely.

As part of the Security Assessment, Bitscape will address elements such as: • Existing Infrastructure and Design Assessment. • Governance and Compliance implementation. • Compromised or aged cloud resources security mitigation. • Data Leak safeguard. • Advanced Threat Protection from Cybersecurity and Ransomware Attacks. • Gap and Risk Analysis of potential Threats.

Bitscape Approach

The assessment consists of four Stages performed over four weeks, during which we rationalize your existing Microsoft Azure environment and analyse how functional and active your environment is.

Stage 1: Initial infrastructure analysis of current environment, architecture diagrams, process document, access management policies and compliance policies, conducted remotely in collaboration with client stakeholders.

Stage 2: Remote workshop facilitation to explore your cloud environment in a managed fashion this will help us understand the existing security flow methodology, and potential compliance and security to implement in the future to fulfil organizations expectations.

Stage 3: Technical Configuration Review to ensure you are the security policies are implemented effectively and is secure and meeting your compliance requirements for an efficient secure digital transformation.

Stage 4: Analysis and Reporting that facilitate technical recommendations to harden azure environment and detection and improve processes to reduce the risk of threat anomaly.