Data Science & Analytics - 6 Week Implementation

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Implementation of data science tools and advanced analytics technologies on Azure.

Blueprint’s Data Science & Analytics Consulting Service leverages Azure workloads to deliver critical insights that lead to success for our clients.


Blueprint’s team evaluates your data in Azure to identify the highest impact opportunities. Our experts analyze user feedback and domain knowledge to determine the right focus. Next we help you to implement Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI solutions that will allow your team to work faster and smarter. Finally we provide a scalable and secure infrastructure within your Azure instance and train your team for the long term.

First 15 Days

  • Identify high-priority use cases
  • Analyze data resources in Azure and create a prototype

Next 15 Days

  • Develop data processing infrastructure, built on Azure
  • Validate user experience and gather feedback

Last 15 Days

  • Test infrastructure durability and scalability
  • Plan for long-term sustainability and potential new use cases

Our Data Science & Analytics Consulting Service drives impact for clients in the following ways. We modernize data and operations for clients, built on Azure. We focus on data integration and correlation, allowing clients to identify new business opportunities. With new Azure-based Data Estate developed by our team, clients run rapid experiments with reduced cost.

Advanced Analytics Actual price varies on scope of reporting needs