Caloudi App Modernization: 1-Day Assessment

Caloudi Corporation

Transform into web app seamlessly with Caloudi App Modernization. Plan your app modernization journey effectively with our assessments, insights, analysis, and recommendations.

Caloudi Corporation, Microsoft partner with 5 Gold + 4 Silver competencies and 3 Advanced Specializations (Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure, Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure, and Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure). We have what it takes to provide end-to-end support throughout your web app transformation journey. Make a bold move to embrace cloud services and solutions with minimal expense, increased flexibility, security, stability, and mobility.

Our application modernization assessment captures both business and technical aspects of app transformation. The assessment generally provides customers with modernization plan, design plan, and cost estimation. Additional requirements can be added to the assessment catering to customer needs. The web application modernization includes the utilization of migration tools such as App Service Migration Tools, Hybrid Connection + Relays, App Insights, Azure Key Vaults, and more depending on customer needs.

Note: Pricing solely depends on case-by-case customized assessment. Please contact us for more information about our services and pricing. Reach out to us!