Custom App Development - Initial Valuable Product: 2-month Implementation

Caravel Labs, Inc.

We believe that that custom application development projects can make substantial progress toward any business objective in 3-months or less.

The Initial Valuable Product Release is a time-limited engagement designed to help innovators:

  • Understand and define a product roadmap for either a new solution or for incremental improvements to an existing software product.
  • Build and launch a production-ready software solution which addresses a specific business outcome they need to achieve.
  • Establish the software delivery and operations capabilities necessary to operate and build upon their new software in the future.

This is a 2-to-3 month long project that results in:

  • A full implemented custom software product which achieves one or more desired business outcomes deployed in your production environment and ready for use by your end-users
  • A proven and established architecture and software delivery (DevSecOps) practices in place to support the future growth and development of your new software product


Week 1 (Innovation exploration workshop):

  • Design thinking and release planning workshop
  • Implementation of CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps

Development sprints - up to six 2-week sprints:

  • Prototyping and usability testing for upcoming backlog items
  • Solution development and implementation using Azure PaaS services
  • Bi-weekly product demos to project stakeholders
  • Backlog planning for future work
  • Evaluate retrospective learnings from previous sprints
  • Bi-weekly deployment of the built solution in your test or production Azure environment

Final sprint - 2 weeks (Stabilization)

  • Address outstanding defects and critical user feedback
  • Perform final production deployment to your Azure environment
  • Code handover and pipeline setup in your Azure DevOps organization
  • Conduct training and produce documentation

"Pay-for-Outcome" Pricing

Total investment for this engagement typically ranges from $150,000 - $350,000 USD depending on the team size and project duration required to achieve your desired outcomes. We use Agile design and estimation processes to propose a solution approach which will meet your specific need and budgetary constraints.

We are committed to achieving your business outcomes. To prove this commitment, a portion of the price of the engagement can be tied directly to usage of the solution we build together. Our success is directly linked to the successful adoption of your software product.

Caravel Labs is technology consultancy for social impact. Our hand-selected group of global tech talent is passionate about delivering business outcomes for our customers. We use rigorous, proven-effective software engineering methodology and tools to rapidly build high-quality solutions for social innovators.