Detection & Response Services (MXDR)

Cloud Life

Cloud Life provides a cutting-edge cloud native AI and ML-driven Managed Protection & Response services, protecting your Microsoft environment with Microsoft XDR & MDR Services.

Safeguard your IT Environment with Microsoft Services and AI-powered Cyber-security Protocols with Managed Protection & Response by Cloud Life

Your digital security, revolutionized: Our AI and ML-driven Protection & Response Service will shield your environment against threats, freeing you from the burden. We will oversee, detect, and counteract threats aimed at your Microsoft 365 & Azure infrastructure and will ensure 24×7 monitoring of your resources with proactive threat detection, including comprehensive Microsoft 365 protection, and instant alert response.

Cloud Life's Managed Protection & Response Security services:

Security monitoring and incident resolution powered by AI All-inclusive Microsoft 365 protection Microsoft Sentinel implementation AI-enhanced identity and security advisory AI & ML powered research & development

Why Choose Cloud Life's AI-driven Service? Because we offer:

A proven security team with over a decade of expertise safeguarding your environment whilst being supported by the most advanced AI R&D, Blue, Red, and Project teams supporting our customers 24/7 Advanced AI and ML expertise to build advanced threat hunting models Technology stack includes Microsoft Sentinel, Azure DevOps, Azure Lighthouse, Machine learning models, CSP (optional) Fully transparent and comprehensive process for business security

Our process includes:

AI-centered, human-driven 24/7 Managed Detection & Response Powered by AI and ML code Alignment with the NIST Framework Fully certified experts We provide the perfect blend of expertise for delivering premium, AI-driven security services with expert people in the background supporting you.

Our industry experts from various domains offer a complete, cutting-edge Service designed for the cloud era.


Low entry cost Rapid onboarding Quick launch times Flexible pricing model Proactive threat protection driven by AI Fully trained security analysts, SOC managers, SIEM content authors, and engineers available for consultation Unified portal with insight into activities, processes, and KPI tracking Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native service providing MXDR capabilities for cloud-first companies with an AI-powered incident analytics and response engine. For the first time, any company can harness the power of MXDR capabilities in no time, at a reasonable cost, with AI and ML at its core.

Intelligent detection

Easy to deploy, AI-enhanced alerts and threat hunting queries (benefit from the moment of deployment) Regularly updated list of alerts and queries backed by Microsoft's cybersecurity expertise Strong community-developed alerts and query rules Compatibility with industry standards in security analytics AI and ML-driven data analytics engine Data collection

Built-in connectors to standard cloud data sources Data ingestion from Microsoft cloud and/or others Standard format data ingestion from common data sources (anti-virus, network appliances, SYSLOG) Custom data ingestion from any data source Scale

Built on scalable log analytics infrastructure in Azure No up-front investment in storage space or capabilities Predictable cost model with real-time monitoring