Cloud Migration Planning: 9 Week Assessment


Migration Planning combines Cloudreach's assessment, planning, and analysis capabilities alongside our Cloudamize software to drive successful cloud migrations.
# Agenda **Week 1: Kick Off & Cloudamize Install** **Week 2: Shared Services Interviews (Networking, Security, Infrastructure, Operations, Risk, & Change Management)** **Weeks 3 - 7: Application Interviews and Review** **Weeks 8 & 9: Recommendation Document Draft and Review & Executive Briefing Deck Development** ## Deliverables 1. **Migration Recommendation Document and Spreadsheet** - These documents will have the detailed information on the assessment, migration strategies, and the migration plan. 2. **Migration Recommendation Executive Briefing** - This briefing (slide deck) is focused on providing the leadership a roadmap on the costs, risks, and plan to move to the cloud. 3. **Cloudamize Migration Plan** - The definition of the Migration Plan within Cloudamize will enable the customer to quickly export this plan to a migration tool (CloudEndure, Azure Migrate, or Velostrata) to begin the migration. Pricing Model is composed of two elements: a Fixed-Price model based on work outlined in Level of Effort document and variable cost based on Cloudamize licence fees. *Assessments may be longer or shorter than 10 weeks based off Level of Effort and the number of applications being evaluated by our Cloudamize software.*