Database Migration Plan - 5 days assessment

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Migrate your database to Microsoft Azure quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Assessment: Mapping of dependencies of all business applications, whether homogeneous, heterogeneous and/or consolidated Mapping all data sources, including schema inter-dependencies Analysis of security needs, including access, data protection and data privacy aspects Review of all performance and other requirements
Definition of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) & RPO (Recovery Point Objective) Financial impact of migrating to the cloud: operational cost, scalability and TCO Planning:
Migration pattern based on best practices and extensive experience Azure architectural design of the data target within the environment Risk management plan

Database and Conceptual Architecture Migration strategy description, including milestones for success Cloud resources initial cost estimation Initial data gap analysis and transformation guidelines SoW and cost estimation for Data Migration, including licensing Initial cost estimation for ongoing operations Estimated project timeline

Valinor by Commit will provide a team of Data Engineers to design and implement your migration and keep your data flowing, reliable, available and secure in the cloud. Length of assessment may adjust per customer environment.

Highlights Day 1-2: Assessment: Business case analysis and review of current business and data environments. Day 3-4: High-Level Planning: Review of schema issues, data complexities, technical requirements, and Azure architecture Day 5: Delivery: Migration strategy, cost modeling (TCO), DMS recommendations, and estimated project timeline