Cloud Readiness Assessment; 6 week impl.

Computer Concepts Limited

The Cloud Readiness Assessment reviews your cloud adoption strategy, analyses your workloads’ readiness for migrating to Microsoft Azure, and presents recommendations for how to proceed.

Every organisation’s cloud journey is different, often starting from different places. To be successful, your technology decisions – and investments – need to be aligned with your business goals and objectives.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed to help organisations quickly identify these benefits, by helping capture these business objectives and then, through market-leading tools, monitor how your organisation’s workloads work day-to-day.

At the end of an engagement, the client will realise the following outcomes and deliverables:

  • Conduct a workshop to understand your business objectives and direction, and see how this is aligned with your existing environments and processes.
  • Run a multi-week analysis of your network and infrastructure, using a range of tools, combined with our expertise. Running these tools for four weeks is recommended to get a comprehensive and clear view of utilisation.
  • Once the Discovery phase is complete, and subject to what is uncovered, we provide an analysis containing these findings and high-level recommendations, which is then presented alongside a roadmap.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment provides high-level information that can be used to inform decision-making around how ready the organisation and its workloads may be when it comes to deploying these into Microsoft Azure.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is priced from $25,000-$32,000 depending on the complexity of the environment and number of applications and workloads.