Well Architected Review, 4Wk Assessment

CyberCX Pty Ltd

CyberCX’s four week Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Review provides customers with a point in time assessment of their Azure platform against Microsoft defined best practice.

CyberCX’s four (4) week Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Review allows business to understand the value behind a well maintained, secure and optimised cloud environment

CyberCX’s Azure Well-Architected Review (aligned to the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework - WAF) is used to efficiently validate your existing architecture against defined best practice. This review has been built to provide businesses with high-level guidance and advisory to assist you to maintain and improve secure, scalable, reliable, cost-optimised, and operationally proficient applications in Azure. CyberCX’s review covers the following areas, aligning the Azure Well Architected Framework:

• Cost Optimisation - the ability to avoid or completely remove unnecessary cost or inefficient use of resources

• Operational Excellence- the strategy to run and monitor systems to their optimum to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting policies, processes and procedures

• Performance Efficiency - the procedures to use computing resources both efficiently and cost-effectively to meet system requirements, and to maintain that excellence as demand scales and technologies advance

• Reliability - the resiliency of an environment to recover from infrastructure or service failures, efficiently acquire computing resources to meet demand, and reduce disruptions such as misconfigurations or temporary network issues

• Security - the ability to secure systems, assets, and information while delivering organisational value through risk assessments and threat prevention strategies

At the conclusion of this four (4) week engagement, the customer will have a detailed report analysing their existing Azure platform against the Well-Architected Framework with a series of recommendations to improve Azure cloud posture and adoption, aligning to business needs.