Azure Database Migration: 4-week Implementation


Easily migrate data, schema, and objects on-premises to Azure at scale with ECF Data’s simplified and strategic Database Migration Service.

Confidently migrate your widely used on-premise databases to Azure

Optimize your data’s potential and rapidly drive innovation with ECF Data’s Data Migration Implementation. The 4-week implementation services migrate your database asset to Azure. Its goal is to automate and simplify the transition from multiple resources to the cloud. The Azure Database Migration Service supports MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSWL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server migration to azure from on-premises.

ECF Data’s team of experts utilize the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to successfully execute migrations without the complexities, downtimes, and costly errors. We help you leverage cloud scale using IaaS or migrate to modern technology with Paas.

Our strategic approach helps you execute an end-to-end migration strategy that moves your key assets to Azure, pursuing this path:

Week 1: Assessment and Planning

-Introduction of migration impact and core benefits

-Discussion of business objectives and technical details like usage scenarios and applications, target database profile, security, network configuration, etc.

-Building of sequence database migration plan (includes architecture, app connectivity, monitoring configuration, automatic patching, test migration planning, etc.)

Week 2: Test and Validate

-Configure environments, execute test migration, and test rollback

  • Secure database continuity, application connectivity, security, and general configuration

  • Remedy issues and endorse final migration plan through additional testing

Week 3: Go-Live

-Conduct final database migration cutover and verify success

Week 4: Optimize and Handover

-Safeguard monitoring, management, and cost-optimization configuration

-Handover to client database support team for ongoing support