Azure Governance 1-day workshop

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1-day Azure Governance inspirational workshop
# Full day workshop focussed on the technical and the organizational aspects of Azure Governance ## Why focus on Azure Governance * You're new on the Azure Platform (or have recently seen an incline in your usage) and want to set an appropriate structure * Your organization has a desire to comprehend your Azure Consumption * You wish to implement a show-back or charge-back model for handling Azure Costs * You have a hightened focus on security and want to ensure no unanthorized access to your services in Azure * You want to optimize your Azure Spendings and ensure you only pay for services needed ## Topics on the agenda includes ### Azure Governance Framework * Subscription Management * Azure Resource Model * Role Based Access Control (RBAC) * Resource Policies and Auditing * Tags * Locks * Naming Standards ### Azure Consumption Insights * License vs. Usage based consumption * Azure usage meters * Usage Insights ### Azure License Compliance * Azure Licensed vs. self-licensing * Azure Hybrid Use Benefits * Production vs. Dev/Test licensing