Azure Open AI 2 weeks Ideation Workshop

Elitmind SP

Azure Open AI 2 weeks Ideation Workshop is an opportunity to understand the Open AI qualities and how to effectively and responsibly implement the solution in your organization.

Get to know the Azure Open AI benefits with Elitmind!

By using Azure Open AI you can achieve:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: by getting more done in lesser time through rapid prototyping and quicker time to market
  • Faster time to realize value
  • Enhanced customer experience with a greater focus on customer-centric services and products, while utilizing feedback and trends better
  • Ease of use
  • Even Junior Data Scientists or business users can use Azure OpenAI Service Playground
  • Ensure data privacy & security
  • It does not require a long, tedious annotation process
  • Less training data is required for many relevant use cases
  • Ability to perform text analytics and generation tasks that up until now were reserved only for humans

Learn how to implement Open AI in a responsible manner with Your trusted cloud provider - Elitmind

We are introducing the The Rapid Ideation Process . Find out how AI can help your organization!

  1. Identify
    • Identify pain points that AI can address.
    • Define the current and desired state
    • Assess the maturity of the business process, the feasibility of the AI solution, and its value
  2. Define
    • Define the solution
    • Collaboratively fill the AI canvas , which answers important questions about the solution and data sources
  3. Prioritize
    • Use a prioritization framework to assess all gathered cases
    • Highlight the top use cases to be considered.
  4. Plan
    • Microsoft & Elitmind team will work on the scope and timelines
    • Validation with the business units
    • A use case roadmap for implementation will be defined and agreed


Define & Prioritize
Prioritize & Plan