Azure Data Platform 1 Hour Briefing (CAF Strategy)


The Azure Data Platform Tech Briefing (CAF Strategy) is the best hour you can spend to increase your knowledge of the Azure data ecosystem.

Are you…

  • A CTO creating a roadmap for your data platform modernisation?
  • An IT Director trying to reduce the operational cost of your data platform while increasing security?
  • A Head of Reporting/Data/Insights/AI needing to increase agility and speed of delivery of new insights?
  • A Head of Development creating new analytical capabilities with your existing team?

If so, the Azure Data Platform Tech Briefing is designed especially for you.

The briefing is a one-to-one session to get you up to speed quickly on the latest in data architectures and Azure Data services. It helps you to answer questions such as:

  • Should I base my architecture on Power Platform or Azure Synapse Analytics?
  • Should I invest in Databricks or Synapse Spark?
  • Should I use Azure SQL Database or Cosmos DB?
  • How do I get the most from Azure Data Lake Store?
  • How do I architect for scale, cost efficiency and governance on Azure?

Topics we will cover include:

  • The state of the Azure data ecosystem today, summarising all major announcements and developments
  • How the Azure Data Platform is evolving to meet modern data challenges and architectures
  • Our expert opinion of the options available, including which services and architectures to adopt
  • Real-world industry focused cases studies demonstrating the art of the possible and detailing the architectures, workloads, build and operational costs
  • Areas of interest that are specific to your industry and problem domain, this is an interactive session and we aim to make it as relevant as we can for you
  • How to get started - we will introduce you to our Azure Synapse and Power BI Jumpstart offerings to help accelerate your data projects

At the end of the briefing you will have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your future Azure data strategy & roadmap. You will also receive a copy of all the information presented.