Cloud Security Enablement: 2-Hr Briefing


Overview of Cloud Security Enablement that is the start in enabling advanced security capabilities in Azure that works transparently without prohibiting or complicating collaboration.

Microsoft is in the forefront of the security area with a strong security portfolio that is very appealing for all organizations having Windows, Office 365 or Azure as part of their it-ecosystem. Many security related scenarios would benefit from combining security data and telemetry from users and end-point applications together with information from infrastructure and third-party data.

These solutions will bring valuable security insights to organizations that will help them understand and prevent attacks, as well as protect their corporate data from compromise or leakage to competitors.

Topics covered:

  • Business benefits and goals
  • Technical orientation and prerequisites
  • Engagement overview and approach
  • Phases, duration and starting point

This is a briefing and orientation on how we would work with the customer and deliver the above engagement. The briefing includes valuable knowledge transfer and experience sharing during the briefing.