Cloud Move - Azure Migration and Modernization 6- Weeks Implementation

Garaio AG

Modernize your existing applications and migrate them to the Azure Cloud with the help of Microsoft and GARAIO

With a migration to the Azure Cloud, you minimize operational risks and lay the foundation for the successful implementation of your digitization strategy!

Preparation Based on your digitization strategy, you define what you want to achieve with the Azure Cloud move, which stakeholders you want to get on board and which Microsoft partner you want to work with.

Discover In the first step, we analyze the existing application landscape together with you. For each application, we carry out a brief assessment of the risks and profitability based on your cloud strategy.

Get Ready In the second step, we ensure that your IT can build up the necessary skills and provide best practice examples.

Migrate The task now is to gradually bring the existing workloads to the Azure Cloud. Depending on the application, this can be done by migrating existing applications into containers or by simply virtualizing existing servers. After this step you are already free of your first worries and can assume that the operation is guaranteed without major failures.