Enterprise Integration Assessment: 6 week


Insight specialists will guide you through the engagement to provide an analysis of your current application integration portfolio and develop a roadmap for achieving your integration strategy.

Business challenge

Fully integrated technology infrastructure is critical to the success in leveraging organizational agility and flexibility to meet the increasingly rapid demands of an organization to innovate and stay competitive. However, as businesses evolve, processes and technology often become siloed across multiple platforms and environments, leading to inconsistent data and the inability to provide a fully integrated business view.

Traditional integration solutions focus on governance and have a limited ability to serve agile business requirements that require accelerated time to market. Running an Integration Assessment sets a pathway for organizations to champion business agility through an integrated infrastructure and single source of business truth.

How we help

Insight’s integration specialists will guide you through a six-week engagement to provide a detailed analysis of your current application integration portfolio and subsequently develop a roadmap for achieving your integration optimization strategy.

We’ll work to define a target architecture for your Integration Landing Zone that includes security, networking, integration and DevOps best practices that we’ve learned from modernizing thousands of APIs for our clients.

During this engagement we will help understand and assess your business challenges, yielding the following deliverables:

• A detailed application integrations portfolio assessment

• A modernization roadmap with integrations prioritized by return on investment

• Business-led process optimization workshops

• Recommendations on best practices and industry standards

• Detailed roadmap to initiate execution of your integration adoption

Accelerator approach and activities

Our proven approach accurately assesses your current application portfolio and builds a modernization roadmap to streamline business-critical processes.

Assess (2 weeks)

• Understand architecture vision. • Define as-is architecture for business, data, applications and technology. • Assess knowledge and skills of personnel and ability to execute.

Define (1 week)

Define target architecture for business, data, applications and technology.

Migration planning (2 weeks)

• Plan implementation milestones and approach. • Define risks and constraints for business and technology. • Plan future business capabilities. • Estimate cost.

Submit for review (1 week)

• Deliver Integration Assessment Report. • Propose recommended team enablement and skills uplift.

Insight Path: Our differentiated integration accelerator

Insight Path™ is an Insight-developed accelerator that implements the migration plan from this assessment. This proprietary offering speeds up your integration initiative’s time to value and offers the following benefits:

• Provides a scaled-out and mature environment

• Automates best practices for environment design

• Includes a strong foundation for management, governance and security processes

• Implements an integration platform for complex cloud 3.0 scenarios

• Builds toward the target end state for most organizations