Azure Migration - 3 Weeks Assessment


A Cloud assessment is a key step to define what and how you can move to Microsoft Azure to modernize your IT Portfolio based on your strategy, maturity and the added value.

Modernize your applications portfolio using all Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities.

This assessment will help you answer all migration questions: What assets are eligible to Microsoft Azure? What are the best modernization scenarios? How to make your operating model more Agile? What will be the savings, ROI and TCO? How to proceed based on the maturity and added value?

By examining your existing IT infrastructure, applications, organization and costs, we are jointly able to define how to modernize your IT portfolio based on your strategy, maturity and the added value. You will be able to reach your full potential using all Microsoft Azure capabilities and develop your business faster.

Wherever you are, we are committed by your side to define your practical pathway for moving to Microsoft Azure through a three-step approach: Discovery, Analysis and Roadmap

Agenda of the 3 weeks Azure migration service: Week 1: Discovery Discover your current IT portfolio management as a foundation for the analysis and orientations Week 2: Analysis Analyze current IT portfolio management and define modernization scenarios based on maturity, complexity and value Week 3: Roadmap Define a practical roadmap and associated action plan

Customer's benefits using Azure: You are able to justify, promote and take sound decisions on how to modernize your IT Portfolio: Technical and application mapping discovered Infrastructure / application modernization options defined Target operating model refined to simplify operations Business Case defined with TCO, ROI and payback period Roadmap, action plan established with migration waves Executive summary defined for your Exec. Management