LogicalisOne: 12-month support

Logicalis, Inc.

Logicalis One offers on demand Professional Services to support Azure environments by providing certified consultants to define, architect and/or integrate new or existing Azure capabilities.

LogicalisOne is a flexible service that provides access to our subject matter experts aligned to Microsoft Azure. This service is designed to provide flexibility in how you engage Logicalis while giving you peace of mind that you have technical resources available when you need them.

This credit or token based contracted service is available with a defined monthly charge based on your consumption needs. Monthly credits are deposited into your LogicalisOne account and available to use for services aligned to the technology pillar(s) you subscribe to. Available Azure Services are defined by a menu-based service definition. Each service has a defined number of credits needed to deliver. The service is flexible and allows for you to consume services from any technology pillar when needed. The service is governed by response time Service Level Objectives and your defined goals or outcomes. Contracts are typically 12 months and are billed monthly. Monthly service credits are deposited into your account each month.

LogicalisOne is comprised of the following components:

  1. Alignment with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is a point of contact to assist you with utilizing all services available to you through the program. The CSM will also be the primary escalation point for Emergency Case management/Emergency Service support.

  2. Technical Subject Matter Expert (SME) assignment per subscribed technology pillar, who will participate in proactive reviews and workshops and deliver consultative support and technical expertise.

  3. Each quarter, a one-hour workshop sessions designed for Logicalis to understand Customer’s business and technology objectives to assist with aligning available credits to Customer’s IT needs.

  4. Each month, a one-hour review designed to validate progress and direction defined in quarterly workshops

  5. Reactive support requests aligned to available service credits

  6. Priority scheduling is available for additional credits for projects identified during interaction with SMEs

  7. A 24/7/365 service desk available to receive Customer intakes/ calls

  8. Access to LogicalisOne portal for service request and contract management