Azure analytics: 3 days workshop

MDW Partners SA

In this 3-day on-site workshop, attendees will receive an overview of latest components of Azure Analytics, giving you an understanding of how MS Cloud technologies fits in your own organization.

My Data Works partners (MDW) will provide you a theorical overview covering the main components of the Analytics stack in Azure, it will cover a range of components including Azure Data Factory, Synapse, Databricks and other cloud services that customers can benefit when deploying data analytics solutions. This course offers an overview of these services, providing the necessary knowledge to design a modern analytics architecture. This workshop is designed to be 50% theorical and 50% hands-on labs.


Day 1:
  • Module 1: Introduction to Modern datawarehouse architecture
  • Module 2: Getting started with Azure Data Factory
Day 2:
  • Module 3: Integrating and storing your data with Data Lake Gen 2
  • Module 4: Designing and implementing your datawarehouse using Azure Synapse Analytics (On-Demand vs Dedicated)
Day 3:
  • Module 5: Designing and implementing your Apache BigData platform with Databricks
  • Module 6: Quick introduction to Power BI

Final price can vary depending on the location of the training and the number of participants, price shown here above correspond to a group of 1-10 people. Please visit our website for more details

Meet the speakers! This training is given by speakers who usually speak in Microsoft official events.