Securing Identities: 4 Day Workshop

Modality Systems

This workshop will help you find identity risks and improve your identity security posture, reducing costs and increasing visibility of your information landscape.

PROTECT USER IDENTITIES Identity is the control plane for digital transformation; data's no longer centralised behind traditional network security, and identity attacks are on the rise.

Stop tomorrow’s data breaches by migrating and securing your Microsoft 365 applications’ identities to Azure Active Directory.

WHY ATTEND? Given the complexity of data, applications, and devices, it’s essential to ensure the right people are accessing the right information, securely. In this workshop, we’ll show you how identity is the fundamental pillar of an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end security strategy.

By bringing all apps under one control plane, Azure AD, you can start to unlock the benefits;

  • Improved experience for IT and Security teams; manage all your apps from a single screen, reduce costs by retiring on-prem infrastructure
  • Increase visibility; see the apps being used, and whether IT supports them
  • Use Azure AD Application Management to prioritise apps for migration to cloud identities
  • Assess security posture; compare a numerical rating of your identity security to similar organisations
  • Minimise the expense of password reset and helpdesk resources

Agenda - activity spread over 4 weeks Day 1: Discovery and setup Days 2&3: Design and planning Day 4: Results, demos, next steps

WHAT TO EXPECT The foundation of cybersecurity is to quickly and accurately identify authorised users and give them proper access to info and tools they need to do their job. Our goal is to enable you to protect these identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage file access, while still giving users freedom to collaborate.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Understand identity goals and objectives
  • Define desired identity security posture for Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Show core IT and user security scenarios through demos
  • Develop action plan based on key results and recommendations
  • Workshop subject to eligibility and Microsoft approval