Azure Modernisation Consulting: POC (1 day rate)


Our Azure Modernisation Consulting packages is for customers who wish to modernise an application using Azure native services without making a wholesale redevelopment to the application.

Migrating & modernising applications to leverage Azure native services requires a number of different skills & extensive experience. Understanding how to create best practice approaches & solutions for handling micro-services & replacing legacy components with Azure services will require the experience of a partner who has been through the process before & works closely with Microsoft to apply best practices.

Our modernisation projects start with us trying to gain a greater understanding of the “Art of the Possible” in Azure. The following areas are discussed:

  • 1. Application Walkthrough: you will provide a guided walkthrough of your application components with the team. This is an open forum where the Azure Engineering team will explore dependencies, features & options to gain an understanding of how malleable the application is

  • 2. Innovation Goals: after we have established an overview of the application the group will explore the key goals for the project which typically focus on areas such as scalability, ease of administration, availability, security, cost & current limitations

  • 3. Solution Options: we will offer innovation suggestions & options for modernisation in Azure, explaining how these will meet the goals. We will then discuss pros & cons with you, noting the development overhead to make the necessary adjustments to the operation of the application

  • 4. Innovation Phasing: there will be several short term & long term aspirational options for the modernisation of the application, so it’s necessary to agree what the initial iteration should look like & how this can then be developed to include further modernisation

  • 5. POC Solution Design: once the initial modernisation work & approach has been agreed we will produce a costed solution design for the POC environment