Azure Readiness Assessment: 2 Weeks


Analyze your workloads using real-time consumption metrics and application dependencies to estimate costs and build a migration plan specific to your organization.

Create a cloud migration plan

The goal of Oakwood's Azure Readiness Assessment engagement is to assist the prospective client in analyzing their current workloads using real-time consumption metrics and determine an Azure migration plan.

By establishing your cloud migration priorities and objectives before you start planning, you can ensure a more successful migration. Automated cloud migration tools will also provide insights into your environment and dependencies to build out your cloud migration project plans.

We'll help you assess your environment now to build a template for future use that aligns to individual apps, locations, or groups within your organization.

Calculate your TCO

Evaluate the potential cost savings of migrating to Azure by calculating and comparing your total cost of ownership (TCO) using real-time consumption metrics

Discover and evaluate apps

With cloud migration assessment tools, you’ll have a complete inventory of servers with metadata for each—including profile information and performance metrics—allowing you to build your cloud migration plan. Using this information, map your servers to represent your on-premises applications. This will help identify dependencies or communication between servers so you can include all necessary application components in your cloud migration plan—helping reduce risks and ensure a smooth migration. Then group your servers logically to represent the applications, and select the best cloud migration strategy for each application based on its requirements and migration objectives.