Innovation Workshop: A 3-Day Workshop to help drive innovation in your business

Octavian Technology Group LLC

Our Workshop will help customers plan what is next for their company & identify opportunities for change, process improvements & competitive advantage by using the latest Azure tools & services.

The goal of this workshop is to bring the domain knowledge of the customer’s team together with the Octavian expertise of Microsoft Azure Services to help you find the next big step forward in innovation. This Innovation Workshop is usually 3-5 days in length, and we recommend a location where the customer’s team will not be disturbed by their normal day to day activities.

We’ll work alongside you and your team to pinpoint your current market position and plan what’s next for your company, your product line, or your next endeavor.

The structure of the Innovation Workshop process is shown below.

Exploration & Ideation

A 3-5-day series of interviews and working sessions to explore the current products, data, and tooling in full detail. An Octavian technologist will lead the sessions with stakeholders and will work with the Workshop sponsors in advance to create a detailed schedule of the workshop based on the availability of client stakeholders, including product subject matter experts, IT and data strategy owners, application and API subject matter experts and other key stakeholders in IT and Marketing as determined by the sponsor.

Analysis and Documentation

The bulk of the work is conducted by the Octavian team during the workshop analysis and documentation phase. This work is conducted off-site from the customer. Stakeholders and sponsors will need to be available for occasional questions and clarifications while the deliverables are being created.

Present, Discuss & Adjust

Octavian will come back on-site to review the deliverables, present findings, and recommendations, review the action plan, and discuss next steps. All interested sponsors, stakeholders and subject matter experts should attend this meeting. Any adjustments to the deliverables presented on-site will be made, and the finalized roadmap and high-level execution plan will be delivered.

Road Map & Execution Plan

Octavian will conclude this workshop and assessment with a brief discussion of the next steps. At this time, we will discuss plans going forward and how Octavian will be a partner in the future to help with the execution of this roadmap.