Azure Synapse: 4 Week Proof-of-Concept

Optimus Information Inc.

Assess the value of using Azure Synapse Analytics to drive your data program through a proof-of-concept project.

Azure Synapse Analytics can break down the silos between operational data, the data warehouse, and analytics to deliver on the promise of limitless analytics. Using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, Optimus Information can help you evaluate the value of this solution using a proof-of-concept project. This will enable you to make informed decisions for expanded use of Azure Synapse Analytics and benefit from its capabilities.

Our Approach:

  • Identify a suitable proof-of-concept project in consultation with stakeholders
  • Build one model and one report per use case

Expected Outcomes:

  • Break down data silos in your organization
  • Demonstrate value of Azure Synapse Analytics to stakeholders in the organization
  • Confidence in taking on more complex Azure Synapse Analytics projects


  • One use case implemented in Azure Synapse Analytics

An assessment should be performed prior to the proof-of-concept to understand where you are now and to provide a clear roadmap. Optimus Information can provide an optional paid assessment and roadmap package if you need help with this component.

Price may vary depending on the size and scope of the project.