Workforce Admin Reporting: 6 Week - Discovery

Peak Indicators Limited

A fully realized reporting system bespoke to your workforce reporting requirements.

Peak Indicators (now TPXimpact Data & Insights) is a part of a digital transformation company on a mission to build a future where people, places and the planet are supported to thrive.

This solution provides an analytical reporting solution to fully realise trends associated with leavers and joiners across a multinational organisation.

What's the problem?

  • A complex mix of existing data making analytical reporting difficult
  • Previous, disparate reporting systems made comparisons between countries time consuming
  • The organisation needed to track leavers and joiners to ensure hiring and business practice was sufficient.
  • Different reporting needs between departments reduced the opportunities for collaboration and cross-departmental strategy, taking significant time and resource.

Here’s how it works

  • The creation of a Azure synapse pipeline created to automate the flow of existing and new data into a new Data Model.
  • This Synapse Pipeline also worked to transform the incoming data, granting a uniform format to all data entering the data model; boosting efficiency and reliability of the system. .
  • We created a new data model in PowerBI which ensured an efficient flow of data. This model effectively captured the data data requirements, whilst minimising redundancy and maintaining data integrity.
  • We collaborated in the creation of report templates, creating usable reports that were ideal for a range of different users. Creating reports bespoke to different users increased the likelihood of adoption of this system across the workforce.
  • We utilize the full suite of services provided within Azure, ensuring a robust and fully customizable data system.

What's the impact?

  • A complete end-to-end system created to deliver precise reporting to the right people.
  • A result that gave time for analysis, prioritising results and time sensitive processes for all teams.
  • Automation of previously manual intervention, freeing time from existing work processes.
  • A complete provision for security and role-based permission controls across all data streams and reporting processes, giving peace of mind to all system users.
  • A solution that allowed analysis between geographical regions and departments to empower comparative analytics and underscore areas for improvement, guiding business practice through insights.