Azure DevOps Practices: 1-day Workshop

Petabytz Inc

In this workshop, Petabytz will educate you about Azure DevOps and some of its best practices with tips, tricks and working demos for getting the most out of Microsoft’s toolstack.

DevOps is currently a buzz word in the technologically advancing era. The ability to improve products and the faster development of software leads to the increase in popularity of DevOps. DevOps is the integration of development and operations to bring a new perspective to the software industry. It is known to be an offspring of agile software development.

And if you were considering implementing Azure DevOps for your software team, but weren’t sure about the benefits, well, you might come to us. And that’s why we’re here to offer all our advice — why you should use Azure DevOps, how to use it effectively to get the most benefit, and how it can help you manage DevOps best practices within your teams

Intended Audience: Developers, architects, Infra admins, Security/Networking & project management personnels

We will take you around some common best practices that are made a lot easier by below Azure DevOps tools:

  1. Sharing, documentation & collaboration - Azure dashboards, Azure Wiki, Azure Boards
  2. Version control - Azure repos, TFVC
  3. Reusable deployment patterns - Azure Pipelines
  4. Automated testing - Azure Test Plans
  5. Infrastructure as a Code - Terraform/Ansible
  6. Monitoring & logging - Azure Monitor