Transform your datacenter with Azure Stack HCI: 4-hour workshop


Simplifying your local cloud and opening up public cloud capabilities while staying in control

Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure that opens up an easy way of running container workloads and virtual machine workloads on one and the same platform And by doing so is helping to reduce the footprint of local cloud and at the same time simplifying the way how to operate your datacenter. Opening up Azure public cloud capabilities while staying in control of your datasets.

To help you with getting a clear view on what Azure stack is and what it can mean for your company we offer a 4 hours workshop where we will cover the following topics:

  • What is behind the Azure Stack HCI solution (technical insight)
  • What do you have to take into account before moving towards Azure Stack HCI (Avoiding pitfall)
  • Co-Identify potential use cases within your existing ICT landscape for the Azure Stack HCI solution
  • How Azure stack can help you along in your digital transformation (business benefits)

If you want to know more how Azure Stack HCI can help you to accelerate your digital transformation please contact us for more information.