PwC Cloud Transformation: 12 Wk Implementation

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP

PwC’s Cloud Transformation is designed to assist companies trying to build a solid foundation in Microsoft Azure to fuel innovation and agility. 

Accelerate your digital transformation with efficiency from Azure Cloud Transformation Services. Your cloud journey involves more than just switching up your IT. It’s about transforming your business; from technology, to processes, to your people.  Designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences, PwC’s Cloud Transformation solution drives revenue and streamlines operations, all while managing risk and letting your business stay resilient.

How cloud transformation services can help you.

✅Migration of your applications into modern cloud-optimized workloads with built-in resilience, Infrastructure-as-Code automation and auto-scaling capabilities

✅Standardization of application architectures with native cloud resilience, containers, auto-scaling, and automated deployment of entire application stacks with infrastructure-as-code automation

✅Evaluation of your Core Azure Fabric and Cloud Governance capabilities against our Azure Foundation Framework to identify maturity enhancement opportunities

✅Training and knowledge transfer workshops conducted in parallel with migration activities, plus operational runbooks for enhanced post-cutover DevOps activities

Key Features

✅Build Studio Services- Provides industrialized delivery through scale, standardization, automation, and a consistent delivery process

✅Azure Foundation Services-Provides a framework for identifying and addressing core Azure maturity gaps before they become app migration blockers

✅Azure Design Patterns Library-Standardizes application architectures through tried and tested solutions to typical application design challenges

✅App Discovery & Disposition Tools-PwC’s uses tools to accelerate the identification, analysis, and 6R dispositioning of application workloads

Price varies based on scope of work.