Data Governance: 2-week Assessment


Quisitive’s Data Governance Assessment and framework provides an essential foundation for today’s data-driven organizations.

As more data moves to the cloud and organizations become data-driven, the need for clearly articulated, repeatable data governance comes into play. A framework for data governance and classification provides standards that further enable data analytics for the team. There is a need for definitions across data analysts, data owners, and IT groups within the organization. As business stakeholders pull their data, organizations recognize a need for data stewards and a data catalog that ensures business and operational analytics consistency.

Quisitive’s 2-week* Data Governance Assessment enables data consumers to access valuable, trustworthy data management. This assessment leverages Microsoft Purview, (formerly Azure Purview) which provides a unified data governance framework to enable organizations to govern their on-premises, Azure Data services, multi-cloud and SaaS data. Many organizations already leverage their Azure data services environment to consolidate data and to enable data analytics for their organization. Enabling Microsoft Purview will unlock the capabilities to use and integrate data sets in the Azure environment and to empower users with automated data discovery and data classification framework.


Our Data Governance Assessment consists of a two-day workshop focused on the following areas:

  • Data Maturity Workshop: Gain an understanding of the Client’s data management objectives, data maturity exercise, roadmap, constraints, and concerns.
  • Evaluation of opportunities for data consolidation: Discovery of current data estate architecture for data sets requiring master data management, including short and long-term plans.
  • Best practice recommendations to leverage Azure Purview to support data classification and building the data glossary.
  • Organizational governance roles: Data Stewards, Governance disciplines and design development.
  • Deliverable

    At the end of the assessment, stakeholders will be provided with an Executive Brief Deliverable including:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Roadmap Overview
  • Architectural Guidance
  • Recommendations for the Data Governance process
  • Estimated costs for next phase roadmap items
  • *Quisitive’s Data Governance Assessment is typically completed within 2-week, but may take up to 4-weeks, depending on the client’s data environment.