Azure Migration: 2-Month Implementation


Migration path for new and current customers to RKON's Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in Azure

RKON's goal is to help our customers build an integrated cloud foundation that supports a connected business environment while providing security and scalability across your entire organizational infrastructure. By enabling a strong and secure cloud foundation your business will open doors for disparate branches of your organization to seamlessly achieve desired communication, security, reliability, and efficiency. Properly migrating to a well optimized Microsoft Azure cloud architecture is proven to lower IT costs, reduce data footprints, and scale easily as business demand rises. RKON understands the complex technical implications of migrating to the cloud which is why we follow a very structured Cloud Adoption Framework methodology in leveraging our Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services.

Our Process involves:

  1. The deployment of an Azure Landing Zone establishing the foundation for your migration.
  • The Azure Landing Zone is an automated, secure and scalable environment with financial management, regulatory compliance, and policy-focused governance in place.
  1. Maturing the foundation focused on the following:
  • Deploying key SaaS, PaaS implementations
  • Deploying mature cloud services (e.g, containers and microservices) and leveraging cloud native technology for new development
  • Bringing together people, process, and tools to establish a cloud migration factory that is repeatable and ongoing
  • Creating a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) for accelerating cloud adoption
  1. Evolving Cloud Capabilities for a Cloud-Enabled Environment
  • Leveraging DevOps for automated provisioning that leads to reduced development cycles (time to market)
  • Establishing IT as a partner of business innovation through governed disruption