Data Estate Assessment: 10 days

Softlanding Solutions Inc.

Gain insight into your data assets and prepare for a data-driven future

Today, organizations are facing a variety of data-related challenges. As they collect vast amounts of data, they also struggle to store, structure, understand and leverage this valuable asset. The Data Estate Assessment provides both a business & technical review of your data estate to help you understand your current data assets and identify opportunities, potential risks and how you can build a strong data foundation that will help you optimize business performance for today and tomorrow.

Softlanding's team of data analytics specialists will guide you through a 10-day engagement to provide a detailed analysis of your current data estate and develop an actionable roadmap for achieving your business intelligence strategy.

What's included? Discovery

  • Define your business goals for today and tomorrow
  • Current State Analysis
  • Review data sources, APIs and consumption points
  • Review workflows, reporting, analytics and manual processes
  • Review Data access methods and Policies
  • Identify the main pain points

Future State analysis

  • Establish your future desired end state for different phases

  • Identify and prioritize business drivers and goals

  • Identify the Azure technology options for the different phases

  • Assess gaps for short-term and long-term plans​ Recommendations

  • Source data workflows with recommendations and possible refactors

  • Recommendation for platforms with pros/cons and cost

  • Recommended architecture based on findings with estimated licensing/monthly TCO

  • Highlight areas of concerns and best practices


  • Detailed report of your current data environment and processes
  • High-level reference architecture
  • Actionable Implementation Plan: Roadmap for your desired future state including timeline, business priorities and budget estimate

Business Benefits:

  • Identify data assets that are important to reach your business goals
  • Build a strategy that tackles challenges in your current data estate.
  • Build a strong data foundation that will prepare for machine learning and AI.
  • Understand the benefits of the Azure suite.

Technologies  Azure Synapse Analytics  Azure Datalake Gen2  Azure DataBricks  Azure Data Factory  Azure SQL Database  Azure Purview  Azure DevOps  Logic Apps  Azure SQL Managed Instance  Azure Data Share  Azure Key Vault  Azure Fabric