Azure Well Architected Framework (AWAF) Assessment


Optimize Azure efficiency and security with our Well-Architected Framework Assessment. Uncover challenges, enhance performance, and fortify your infrastructure for success.

Is your Azure infrastructure facing hurdles like inefficient cost management, inadequate performance, or security vulnerabilities?
Our Azure Well-Architected Framework Assessment is your solution.

Key Challenges We Tackle:

  • Inefficient Cost Management:
    Streamline your costs and optimize resource usage.
  • Inadequate Performance:
    Identify critical workloads affecting your system's performance.
  • Security Vulnerabilities:
    Strengthen your security posture with targeted solutions.
  • Lack of Scalability:
    Ensure your infrastructure scales seamlessly with your growing needs.
  • Non-Optimal Resource Usage:
    Maximize resource efficiency for optimal operations.

Key Features of our AWAF Assessment:

  • Performance Optimization:
    Identify critical workloads and establish measurable architectures for optimal performance.
  • Cost-Efficiency Strategies:
    Document progress and milestones, enhancing cost management and resource utilization.
  • Operational Excellence Principles:
    Gain a competitive edge with recommendations addressing inadequate performance, scalability challenges, non-optimal resource usage, and adherence to best practices.
  • Security Fortification:
    Strengthen your security posture by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, addressing concerns like technology and platform upgrades, and managing data loss and recovery challenges.

Unlock Deliverables Tailored to Your Success:

  • Stakeholder Session:
    Engage in a professional session unveiling key findings, actionable insights, and a roadmap presented to key stakeholders.
  • Executive Summary:
    Receive a detailed executive summary of assessment results with recommended actions tailored for decision-makers and management.
  • Comprehensive Roadmap:
    Obtain a detailed roadmap outlining changes, including timelines, dependencies, and potential impacts on Azure workloads.

Offering Details:
This offer includes an assessment of up to 10 subscriptions, estimated at approximately 5 days.

*Pricing depends on the complexity of the workloads; contact us to get the details.


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