Autonomous Enterprise Bot with Teams: 1 week POC

Softura, Inc.

Automation Enterprise Bot with Microsoft Teams Integration - Automating processes and streamlining tasks with Conversational AI, Cognitive Services, Bots and Robotic Process Automation.

Transform your enterprise with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate! Published, hosted and deployed on Azure's cloud computing platform, Softura Microsoft Teams Bot accelerator connects to a centralized automation pipeline and allows users to effectively interact with various automation scripts. The Bot provides a necessary level of convenience to ensure adoption of automation efforts across the enterprise as users interact directly with the Bot like they would another co-worker. The Azure accelerator Bot can handle natural language requests and provide helpful user interface cards to make the interaction even simpler.


  • Capable of requesting and processing manager approval through Teams
  • Capable of handing off requests to be executed by other bots (i.e. provisioning and installing new software on an employees computer or resetting an SAP password)
  • Improves efficiencies by drastically reducing a ticket close time from 3 days to 3 minutes
  • Connected to Azure Active Directory and easily manages permissions and personalized Bot settings

Intelligence Use Cases

  • Enterprise Digital Worker / IT helpdesk: tickets, booking meetings
  • Consumer Banking: Improving the customer experience
  • COVID Badge Access: Back to Work during Pandemic
  • Search Based Analytics: 250k vehicles, real-time analytics
  • Conversational Marketing: On website
  • Conversational Commerce: Building and pricing a vehicle chat/voice
  • Hands free data entry: Manufacturing, Quality Assurance

Problem: As the usage of Teams grows across many enterprises, companies are looking for new ways to increase employee engagement and maximize the utility of Teams. A great way to accomplish this is to use Teams as an interface to control and execute automations through an integrated and secure Bot.

Solution: The Teams bot accelerator from Softura provides enterprises with containerized Bot code capable of integrating with an IT ticketing system or other workflow tools such as power automate.