2weeks assessment for better cost and productivity


Try assessment which focuses on analyzing of current cloud consumption and identifying opportunities for optimizing resources and costs. Optimizing your current workloads can save up to 20%.

The following optimization evaluation tasks will be completed during a two-weeks evaluation that covers customers who are already in cloud. We provide you with accurate analytics and powerful automation to easily, quickly and reliably optimize your resources.

Two-weeks assessment includes:

  • A thorough analysis of the performance of cloud environment
  • Recommendations of size options for the computing and disk subsystems of each virtual machine using the performance evaluation results
  • TCO calculation
  • Calculation of the estimated performance of the computing and storage subsystems for each virtual machine in the cloud

Cost optimization includes:

  • virtual machines analysis
  • application services analysis
  • databases analysis
  • a report on the current state of your environment
  • cost analysis report
  • checklist of pre-migration and post-migration tasks
  • migration scenarios
Cost of the assessment. Price is calculated per VM/physical host and equals 25 USD per VM and/or physical host.