Digital Transformation on Azure 1-Wk Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

Digital Transformation as a Service on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services 1-Wk Assessment

Are you interested in having your companies processes and disparate system integrated to provide an omni-channel to eliminate wait times for employees and customers to get work completed faster?

Tech Mahindra's Digital Transformation as a Service, utilizes Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to ensure that all interactions are empowered so that employee and customers are getting responses and answer without having to reach live agents reducing the time to resolve considerably. In fact, the goal is to have the issues resolved before anyone knows there is a problem. This omni-channel is an AI enabled system with data shared amongst everyone enabling customers and operations teams to carry on their business in an intelligent way.

Whichever channel the customer prefers, the first point of contact would be an intelligent AI engine which will respond & resolve the issues. This will ensure that customers get most of their responses & answers without reaching the live agents thereby reducing the time to resolve (MTTR) considerably

If the issues are not resolved, AI engine will create a ticket in and push it to the L2 & L3 teams. This assignment to the respective teams will also be done using machine Learning algorithms (Azure Cognitive Services) based on the problem statement of the ticket and historical data of the problem. Through a single channel of creation for ticket creation, it will be ensured that quality of content in the tickets will be constant and accurate. This is just beginning of the transformation of your business to

Deliverables include: 3 days for the assessment, and 2 days to provide a detailed report with digital transformation recommendations, process optimizations and product licensing/pricing upgrade guidelines.