Work At Home Azure Solution 2-Wk Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

Work at Home 2-Week Azure Assessment for Global Operations Solutions

TechM Work at Home Assessment for Global Operations Solutions allows companies to Repurpose, Reimagine & Revitalize your global company in this Covid era time.

Many global contact centers have closed. An estimated 78% have either attempted to implement or implemented a temporary WFH solution. About 85% of those have been successful. Testing internet speeds, understanding peoples capabilities to work remotely, shifting policies and procedures to remote all comes with challenges. Companies will continue to face challenges with attrition, virtual hiring and training as well as difficulty with employee engagement.

The Solution - The Tech Mahindra Work At Home Solution is a Global service offering voice, chat, email, back office and social media support that runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Companies are increasingly seeking contact center partners that can find and quickly deploy local resources required to support local customers.

Tech Mahindra Work At Home Solution ultimately yields better achievement of customer KPI's, provides a better staffing solution for erratic call traffic leading to approved efficiency, lower costs overall and while helping the environment.

This 2-week assessment is offered to new customers open to experience these real world benefits. Deliverables include a complete assessment of customer needs (1-week), service/solution recommendations, documented processes, reporting and realization of cost savings provided (1-week).