Build Your Future-Proof Data Landscape with our Data Lakehouse Solution on Microsoft Fabric

Tiger Analytics

Our Azure MVP solution offering powered by Microsoft Fabric, which simplifies the adoption of a modern data platform for your organization.

Our offering is developed by following various industry best practices and helps to achieve a Blistering fast, Auto-Scalable & Extensible, Easy to Deploy, Cost efficient, Secure & a Governed foundational Data Lakehouse & Analytics Platform without having to manage any infrastructure!

Some of the key Microsoft Fabric features used in our offering includes:

  1. Monitoring - Monitoring of pipelines, dataflows and notebooks through central Monitoring Hub. Data action alerts generated through Data Activator.

  2. Real time integration - Real time web traffic data ingestion with Event Stream.

  3. Data Integration - Usage of Lakehouse Shortcuts to make remote data accessible.

  4. AI Based code generation - Using Smart AI heuristics Dataflow Gen2 gives capability to generate extraction code with provided data patterns

  5. Data Privacy - Sensitive Customer data has been protected using Row-level and Column-level security in Warehouse.

  6. Data Discovery & Lineage - Data assets such as Lakehouse, PowerBI dataset generated have been endorsed and made searchable. Lineage helps provide visibility on dependencies between pipeline, notebooks and Lakehouse.

  7. Cost Observability - Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics App built as a PowerBI app can be installed to track capacity utilization

  8. Semantic Link - With help of Semantic Link feature, we can do dependency analysis between columns in a dataset.

Key benefits and value proposition of our accelerator are:

  • Tiger's Microsoft Fabric CoE team brings expertise
  • Know-how to Implement best fit Microsoft Fabric options as per need
  • Bring Microsoft Fabric best practices for building a modern data lakehouse
  • Have re-usable Ingestion and Transformation Frameworks
  • Will continue to evolve the Modern Data Platform post MVP
  • Tiger team brings experience on Microsoft Fabric Batch & Streaming options
  • Tiger has specialist teams for all 3 (DE, DS & DA)
  • Tiger makes Microsoft Fabric adoption Simpler!

Technologies Used: Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure SQL Server, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Elastic Search, Azure Key vault, Azure DevOps