Customer Experience Assessment: 3-Week consulting

Tigerspike Sydney

Understand and validate what you can do to reduce low value call volumes with self service.

We’ll work with you to identify key scenarios that are currently generating significant volume to your contact centre. If you already have a clear idea of these scenarios, we’ll focus on them. If not, we’ll carry out analysis of call themes to determine them.

We’ll analyse your current systems and products to determine how a self service experience could integrate into your current workflows and platform implementation.

Then we’ll develop a technical proof of concept, including basic front end experience (mobile or desktop) within a test or sandbox environment. This may include leveraging Azure services and technology such as automation and ML / AI in order to save costs and differentiate the customer experience.

Finally, we’ll provide you with a clear plan on next steps so that you can take the concept into production, together with estimated costs and an associated ROI model.

Our emphasis will be on a defining and demonstrating a fast, tactical solution. We know that you’re busy: our teams will ensure that we involve you at all key points in the project but that we remain non-intrusive and don’t disrupt your normal activities.

Key activities include Analysing high volume, low value call traffic, systems analysis, Process mapping (existing & future), creation of design concepts & technical POC, Creation of high level delivery plan, estimated costs & ROI model.