FinOps Cloud Cost Optimisation:1-Wk Proof of Concept


Vaxowave 1-wk proof of concept - Subject Matter Expert will review the clients current Azure Cloud Estate, analyse and provide recommendations which could start realising immediate optimisation.

One of the key benefits punted for making the decision to migrate to the Cloud, is the cost saving assurance. Yet many organisations find themselves with costs that are spiralling out of control with little to no understanding of their makeup and opportunities to save. In our 1 week Proof of Concept (POC), seasoned FinOps subject matter experts (SME) will assess the current Azure Cloud estate costs using Cost Explorer and Cost Management and Power BI, which are available in the Azure Portal. Then based on analysis performed, the SME will make recommendations, which could immediately start optimising the client’s estate. FinOps is the operating model for the Azure cloud - a combination of systems, best practices to increase an organisations understanding, management and optimisation of their cloud costs. The fundamental principle of FinOps is to reduce wastage through creating visibility of Azure spend, taking advantage of the variable cost model and aligning costs to business value Vaxowave is a certified FinOps Service Provider and was the first in Africa to become a FinOps Foundation member.
During the one week POC:

  1. A seasoned SME will be allocated to the client to conduct the assessment.
  2. By the end of the week, the SME will present a report back to the client detailing findings, recommendations of remedial actions to be taken and the potential savings impact.