Azure Virtual Half Day Modern WorkShop

Virsage Solutions, Inc.

With this virtual workshop, we’ll show you how Virsage can help you leverage Microsoft Azure to empower people to be more productive while maintaining security and control.

Our Azure Modern WorkShop benefits: Productivity and Collaboration Enable people to meet and collaborate from home | Engage people with virtual events and communications | Make productivity applications available on any device | Maintain security and control | Enable cloud identities with single sign-on and self-service password reset | Secure, remote access to data and apps | Enable MFA and Conditional Access

Why you should attend? We’ll discuss the most critical steps for modern work, and how we can rapidly deploy key scenarios. We’ll evaluate your options and leave you with a concrete deployment plan and next steps. This half-day virtual workshop is primarily focused on Modernizing IT, addressing the following quick steps of enablement: Step One: Enable cloud or hybrid security w/MFA Single sign-on and self-service password reset options Step Two: Rapid deployment of Security integrations Checklists, activation, installation, configuration Step Three: Provide Modern WorkPlace Adoption Strategies Step Four: Secure access to IT with Conditional Access to critical apps and data