SQL Performance Tuning; 10days Assessment with Professional Consulting

White Cube Tecnologia da Informação

This offer provides you with 10 days consulting service on Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL DB Enrivonment for Performance and Tuning on queries, stored procedures, views or any TSQL process

With WhiteCube SQL Performance Tuning consulting service you can speed up your system environment.

Are you having Performance issues on SQL Server or Azure SQL DB that are increasing the delay on your systems or increasing the cost expended on infrastrusture resources? Then, a professional service on SQL Performance Tuning can help the Database to search faster and provide a better response for your systems.

With recommended Best Practice Configurations in mind, we analyze your SQL Servers or Azure SQL DB installation and instantly realize quick wins and prepare the base for a faster system. Aditionally, by looking into your T-SQL code, like SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions or Views, we could tweek some features and get an even better result on performance.

Microsoft Azure IaaS Virtual Machines with SQL Server included or SaaS Azure SQL DB perform exceptionally well, otherwise, by NOT following some best practices or failing on creating the necessary resources, the hole environment can get heavy or the cost expended can increase. By performing tuning procedures on the environment, ensures that your structure will be using the best of Azure with the best ROI.


Day 1 to 3:

  • Make some conferences with you to understand your problem
  • Capturing of your infrastructure
  • Implementation of our performance tools
  • Best practice checks
  • Monitoring and data gathering

Day 4 to 7

  • SQL Server analysis, like index usage and long running queries
  • Monitoring and data gathering
  • First discussion and presentation of already identified issues

Day 8 to 10

  • Application analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Documentation
  • Final presentation of results and our recommendations


  • We analyze your configuration, sizing, architecture and the performance of your environment.
  • We identify the causes, why your system is under performing and work out recommendations for actions to take.
  • We provide specific recommendations to optimize your existing or coming environment.

The topics we work on

  • SQL Server or Azure SQL DB Sizing: Regarding your transaction requirements, are the selected Servers and Infrastruture adequate?
  • Best Practice Configuration: SQL Server, database, operational system and environment.
  • Operating system indicators, like Performance Monitor, SQL Server indicators, like missing indexing, TSQL language and query writing, like tuning on the logical and sintaxe side.

With a more detailed analysis we measure transaction performance and SQL IO. In particular, we analyze the SQL Server capabilities.